What we do

We are a larp studio company, equivalent to what you can find for other dramatic arts such as movies or the theater, only for larps. We put on productions both by our own initiative and in collaboration with other creative people.

We are experts in guiding the resources of a larp project, work hours or monetary, in order to yield the best possible experience for every participant. This is what qualitative larp production means.

All spectators of a movie see the exact same thing. In a larp you tell as many stories as you have parti­cipants, all inter-connected in a large and complex graph of rela­tions and conflicts. We can navigate this graph and set the participant motivators up correctly to make the flow of the drama go in the right direction.

Managing or Coaching?

If you have decided to give your larp project a quality boost we offer assistance at whatever level you prefer. From a quick review to full project management. Combine your vision with our experience and routine and together we can create something that will be remembered.